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Kelzzy 02-21-2012 01:42 AM

Manny Ramirez signs 1-yr Deal!

Gomez made the announcement on SportsCenter, saying that Ramirez called to tell him that he is going to sign a contract on Monday. Sources said the deal is for one year and $500,000.

The A's have been on a spending spree the last two weeks, at least by their standards, but they are likely done adding to their roster right now.

The A's lineup had a serious lack of power. The signing of Yoenis Cespedes last week and addition of Ramirez this week does make them more interesting, though they are still the worst team in the American League West.

Ramirez still has to sit out the first 50 games of the regular season due to his suspension for a failed drug test last year. The first game he will be eligible to play is June 2 against Kansas City.

Even if Ramirez can't hit the way that we are used to, he could provide an early boost in ticket sales for the cash-strapped A's. He has a personality that draws people to the park, so adding him makes some level of business sense.
Read More: Manny Ramirez Expected to Sign One-Year Contract with Oakland A's | Bleacher Report

Though I'd do a Little KZB on this

KZB (Kelzzy Blog)
What does this mean for the Oakland A's? Nothing really. Who knows what Manny will bring to the table this year. He's been out of the loop of playing pro ball for a year now, what makes him think he can just jump right back in? I'll admit to it, I'm a Manny hater, but for a good reason! Steroids. I don't respect or give credit to ANY person who enhances any type of drug that MLB has outlawed. I promise, that if Albert Pujols got on this stuff, I would be VERY sad yes, but I would drop him. Just like that. Steroids mess you up, bad. You're never the same. This will effect Manny. I don't see to many Dodgers fans driving all the way up Oakland to see a cheater play. Which will get the A's nowwhere. Remember, a big part of signing Manny is hope for attracting fans. Which, in some case, it might work. But the A's will need much more to attract the numbers they want.

-KZB (Kelzzy Blog)

CoachJohn21 02-21-2012 02:55 PM

If he come to the park to play then good for him. But if he doesn't SMH.........I think this is a minor league deal as well.

Kelzzy 02-21-2012 03:43 PM

Oh.. alright

CoachJohn21 02-21-2012 03:44 PM

Thats what MLBN was reporting.

Kelzzy 02-22-2012 11:36 PM

MLBN.. MLB News right..

if so, cool.. don't want Manny to go back into the Bigs.. hate the guy

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