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CoachJohn21 02-23-2012 06:22 PM

Ryan Braun wins appeal of positive drug test

Phoenix - Milwaukee Brewers leftfielder Ryan Braun became the first major-league player to have a positive drug test overturned when he was informed Thursday that an arbitration panel ruled in his favor on appeal and decided against a 50-game suspension for the reigning National League most valuable player.
There has been no official announcement of the verdict but the Journal Sentinel has confirmed that Braun won his appeal.
Someone familiar with the decision said the appeal went Braun's way not so much on contesting the result of the test but the testing process itself, some kind of technicality. And it was arbitrator Shyam Das who decided to rule in favor on that technicality, making it a 2-1 decision by the three-man panel.
Whatever the reason, the ruling was a tremendous boost for both Braun, whose reputation was at stake, and the Brewers, already missing free agent Prince Fielder from their 2011 NL Central championship club. Instead of having to figure out a way to replace Braun for the first 50 games of the season, the team can move forward with its original plans.
Braun is expected to report to the Brewers' camp Friday on schedule, and now will not have the cloud of a suspension hanging over his head. It had become a point of noticeable nervousness and anxiety among other players and staff as well as they awaited what many feared would be a negative outcome.
Braun appealed the positive test that took place in early October, at the outset of the playoffs. His hearing before a three-man arbitration panel was held in New York on Jan. 19-20, when noted attorney David Cornwell presented his case against the test result and suspension.
Ryan Braun wins appeal of positive drug test - JSOnline

This is Bull ****.

JustinVerlander35 02-23-2012 06:25 PM

Brewers still aren't going to win that division.

CoachJohn21 02-23-2012 06:30 PM

No because the Reds are. But what makes him good enough to not be punished?

JustinVerlander35 02-23-2012 06:34 PM

If he won his appeal it means the accusations of him taking a PED were false.

JustinVerlander35 02-23-2012 08:14 PM

Braun won his appeal because the evidence collector took his urine sample home with him. How freaking weird is that?

Nebo86 02-23-2012 11:34 PM

This is an opportunity for MLB and MLBPA to make adjustments to minimize false positives and prevent real positives from being thrown out due to technicalities. Determine better testing protocol and implement those improvements.Just my :dollar: minus 98 cents.

tomtomboombang 02-23-2012 11:47 PM

took it home?
that is weird

Kelzzy 02-24-2012 12:02 AM

I think this deserves one of these:

I cannot believe they let this go! Enhancing drugs of ANY kind is illegal to the game! IDC if it's not steriods.. your breaking the rules!!!

Oh well.. better for fantasy

Zombeels 02-24-2012 12:47 AM

Meh, I drafted him in one of my fantasy leagues, so this is pretty nice for me.

Kelzzy 02-24-2012 12:59 AM

In like a mock draft or the real thing..?

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