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Florida Marlins 2007 Schedule

Apr 2 at Washington 1:05 pm Marlins Win, 9 - 2. (1-0)
Apr 3 at Washington 7:05 pm Marlins Win, 9 - 3. (2-0)
Apr 4 at Washington 1:05 pm Marlins Lose, 7 - 6. (2-1)
Apr 6 vs Philadelphia 7:05 pm Marlins Lose, 8 - 2. (2-2)
Apr 7 vs Philadelphia 7:05 pm Marlins Win, 8 - 5. (3-2)
Apr 8 vs Philadelphia 1:05 pm Marlins Win, 6 - 4. (4-2)
Apr 9 vs Milwaukee 7:05 pm Marlins Win, 5 - 3. (5-2)
Apr 10 vs Milwaukee 7:05 pm Marlins Lose, 2 - 3. (5-3)
Apr 11 vs Milwaukee 7:05 pm Marlins Lose, 2 - 5. (5-4)
Apr 13 at Atlanta 7:35 pm Marlins Win, 11 - 4. (6-4)
Apr 14 at Atlanta 7:05 pm Postponed
Apr 15 at Atlanta 1:05 pm Marlins Lose 4 - 8. (6-5)
Apr 16 at Houston 8:05 pm Marlins Lose, 3 - 4. (6-6)
Apr 17 at Houston 8:05 pm
Apr 18 vs NY Mets 7:05 pm
Apr 19 vs NY Mets 7:05 pm
Apr 20 vs Washington 7:05 pm
Apr 21 vs Washington 7:05 pm
Apr 22 vs Washington 1:05 pm
Apr 23 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm
Apr 24 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm
Apr 25 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm
Apr 27 at Philadelphia 7:05 pm
Apr 28 at Philadelphia 7:05 pm
Apr 29 at Philadelphia 1:35 pm
Apr 30 at NY Mets 7:10 pm

May 1 at NY Mets 7:10 pm
May 2 at NY Mets 1:10 pm
May 4 vs San Diego 7:05 pm
May 5 vs San Diego 7:05 pm
May 6 vs San Diego 1:05 pm
May 7 vs LA Dodgers 7:05 pm
May 8 vs LA Dodgers 7:05 pm
May 9 vs LA Dodgers 7:05 pm
May 10 vs LA Dodgers 12:05 pm
May 11 at Washington 7:05 pm
May 12 at Washington 7:05 pm
May 13 at Washington 1:35 pm
May 14 at Pittsburgh 7:05 pm
May 15 at Pittsburgh 7:05 pm
May 16 at Pittsburgh 7:05 pm
May 17 at Pittsburgh 7:05 pm
May 18 at Tampa Bay 7:10 pm
May 19 at Tampa Bay 7:10 pm
May 20 at Tampa Bay 1:40 pm
May 22 vs Philadelphia 7:05 pm
May 23 vs Philadelphia 7:05 pm
May 24 vs Philadelphia 7:05 pm
May 25 vs NY Mets 7:05 pm
May 26 vs NY Mets 7:05 pm
May 27 vs NY Mets 1:05 pm
May 28 at Chi Cubs 2:20 pm
May 29 at Chi Cubs 8:05 pm
May 30 at Chi Cubs 8:05 pm
May 31 at Milwaukee 8:05 pm

Jun 1 at Milwaukee 8:05 pm
Jun 2 at Milwaukee 7:05 pm
Jun 3 at Milwaukee 2:05 pm
Jun 4 at Atlanta 7:05 pm
Jun 5 at Atlanta 7:35 pm
Jun 6 at Atlanta 1:05 pm
Jun 8 vs Tampa Bay 7:05 pm
Jun 9 vs Tampa Bay 7:05 pm
Jun 10 vs Tampa Bay 1:05 pm
Jun 12 vs Cleveland 7:05 pm
Jun 13 vs Cleveland 7:05 pm
Jun 14 vs Cleveland 7:05 pm
Jun 15 at Kansas City 8:10 pm
Jun 16 at Kansas City 7:10 pm
Jun 17 at Kansas City 2:10 pm
Jun 18 at Chi Sox 8:11 pm
Jun 19 at Chi Sox 8:11 pm
Jun 20 at Chi Sox 2:05 pm
Jun 22 vs Minnesota 7:05 pm
Jun 23 vs Minnesota 7:05 pm
Jun 24 vs Minnesota 1:05 pm
Jun 26 vs Pittsburgh 7:05 pm
Jun 27 vs Pittsburgh 7:05 pm
Jun 28 vs Pittsburgh 12:05 pm
Jun 29 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm
Jun 30 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm

Jul 1 vs Atlanta 1:05 pm
Jul 2 at San Diego 10:05 pm
Jul 3 at San Diego 10:05 pm
Jul 4 at San Diego 9:05 pm
Jul 5 at San Diego 3:35 pm
Jul 6 at LA Dodgers 10:40 pm
Jul 7 at LA Dodgers 10:10 pm
Jul 8 at LA Dodgers 4:10 pm
Jul 13 vs Washington 7:05 pm
Jul 14 vs Washington 7:05 pm
Jul 15 vs Washington 1:05 pm
Jul 16 vs St. Louis 7:05 pm
Jul 17 vs St. Louis 7:05 pm
Jul 18 vs St. Louis 7:05 pm
Jul 19 vs Cincinnati 7:05 pm
Jul 20 vs Cincinnati 7:05 pm
Jul 21 vs Cincinnati 7:05 pm
Jul 22 vs Cincinnati 1:05 pm
Jul 23 at Arizona 9:40 pm
Jul 24 at Arizona 9:40 pm
Jul 25 at Arizona 9:40 pm
Jul 26 at Arizona 9:40 pm
Jul 27 at San Francisco10:15 pm
Jul 28 at San Francisco9:05 pm
Jul 29 at San Francisco4:05 pm
Jul 31 vs Colorado 7:05 pm

Aug 1 vs Colorado 7:05 pm
Aug 2 vs Colorado 7:05 pm
Aug 3 vs Houston 7:05 pm
Aug 4 vs Houston 7:05 pm
Aug 5 vs Houston 1:05 pm
Aug 7 at Philadelphia 7:05 pm
Aug 8 at Philadelphia 7:05 pm
Aug 9 at Philadelphia 7:05 pm
Aug 10 at NY Mets 7:10 pm
Aug 11 at NY Mets 7:10 pm
Aug 12 at NY Mets 1:10 pm
Aug 14 vs Arizona 7:05 pm
Aug 15 vs Arizona 7:05 pm
Aug 16 vs Arizona 7:05 pm
Aug 17 vs San Fran 7:05 pm
Aug 18 vs San Fran 7:05 pm
Aug 19 vs San Fran 1:05 pm
Aug 20 vs San Fran 1:05 pm
Aug 21 at St. Louis 8:10 pm
Aug 22 at St. Louis 8:10 pm
Aug 23 at St. Louis 8:10 pm
Aug 24 at Cincinnati 7:10 pm
Aug 25 at Cincinnati 7:10 pm
Aug 26 at Cincinnati 1:15 pm
Aug 27 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm
Aug 28 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm
Aug 29 vs Atlanta 7:05 pm
Aug 31 vs Philadelphia 7:05 pm

Sep 1 vs Philadelphia 7:05 pm
Sep 2 vs Philadelphia 1:05 pm
Sep 3 at Washington 1:05 pm
Sep 4 at Washington 7:05 pm
Sep 5 at Washington 7:05 pm
Sep 7 at Philadelphia 7:05 pm
Sep 8 at Philadelphia 3:55 pm
Sep 9 at Philadelphia 1:35 pm
Sep 10 vs Washington 7:05 pm
Sep 11 vs Washington 7:05 pm
Sep 12 vs Washington 1:05 pm
Sep 14 at Colorado 9:05 pm
Sep 15 at Colorado 8:05 pm
Sep 16 at Colorado 3:05 pm
Sep 17 at Atlanta 7:05 pm
Sep 18 at Atlanta 7:35 pm
Sep 19 at Atlanta 7:35 pm
Sep 20 vs NY Mets 7:05 pm
Sep 21 vs NY Mets 7:05 pm
Sep 22 vs NY Mets 7:05 pm
Sep 23 vs NY Mets 1:05 pm
Sep 25 vs Chi Cubs 7:05 pm
Sep 26 vs Chi Cubs 7:05 pm
Sep 27 vs Chi Cubs 4:05 pm
Sep 28 at NY Mets 7:10 pm
Sep 29 at NY Mets 1:10 pm
Sep 30 at NY Mets 1:10 pm
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Young Marlins Team Shines in First Game Of The Season (1-0)

Originally Posted by Howard Fendrich
WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's safe to say Florida's Fredi Gonzalez enjoyed his first game as a big league skipper far more than Washington's Manny Acta did.

Miguel Cabrera homered into the upper deck and drove in four runs, and Hanley Ramirez collected four hits to back Dontrelle Willis and lead the Marlins over the Nationals 9-2 Monday.

Gonzalez (Cuba) and Acta (Dominican Republic) were the first pair of managers born outside the United States to make their major league debuts in the same game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Speaking in the visiting dugout before the game, Gonzalez said he couldn't remember whether he won his debuts as a manager in the Marlins' minor league system in 1992 or as a major league third-base coach with the Marlins in 1999.

Odds are, he'll remember this win. Yet while Gonzalez, who took over for NL Manager of the Year Joe Girardi, could enjoy pretty much every moment of the nearly cloudless, 76-degree afternoon, Acta's first game since replacing Frank Robinson went about as badly as possible.

The closest thing Washington has to an established starter, John Patterson, left after giving up six runs over 3 2-3 innings. And two starting position players -- a quarter of the regular lineup -- were gone by the end of the fifth inning with injuries: shortstop Cristian Guzman (left hamstring) and center fielder Nook Logan (left foot).

Logan got caught in the padding of the wall while making a running, leaping catch on Dan Uggla's fly ball in the fourth. Guzman departed after limping while running to first on a groundout the next inning.

So Acta's day could be summed up by a five-minute span during the fourth inning. First, he jogged to the deepest part of the park to check on Logan, who was sitting near the warning track being examined by a trainer. Shortly after making the long trek back to the dugout, Acta was coming out again, this time to lift Patterson (0-1) right after he allowed Cabrera's two-run homer that made it 6-0.

Uggla reached the upper deck, too -- a rarity at RFK Stadium, the cavernous former home to baseball's Senators and football's Redskins that the Nationals will leave for a new park after this season -- with a two-run homer off reliever Micah Bowie in the seventh.

There were plenty of strong performances for the Marlins.

Cabrera went 3-for-4 with a two-run double plus two walks. Ramirez scored four runs, stole two bases and had two doubles and two singles to match his career high for hits in a game; he did it twice in 2006, when he edged Washington third baseman Ryan Zimmerman for the NL Rookie of the Year award. Center fielder Alejandro De Aza singled and tripled in his major league debut.

Willis (1-0) allowed one earned run and seven hits in six innings, leaving after 100 pitches.

About the only bright spot for Washington was Zimmerman, who tripled, singled and made two neat defensive plays -- throwing out a batter from the seat of his pants after slipping while fielding a bunt, and stretching over a rail to reach into the photographers' camera well to make a catch.

Zimmerman's triple sailed over right fielder Joe Borchard, who stumbled and lost his glove as he tried to chase the ball.


De Aza wore No. 7, the first Marlins position player with that number since Ivan Rodriguez in 2003. ... It was the first opening day game in Washington since 1971. The Senators left for Texas at the end of that season, and baseball didn't return to the city until the Montreal Expos moved in 2005. The Nationals began the past two seasons on the road. Instead of a presidential ceremonial first pitch, though, Acta was joined by Mayor Adrian Fenty, two former Senators players and the grandson of Senators pitcher Walter Johnson.
Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the Marlins this season.

Great way to start the year for Ramirez, Uggla, Cabrera, and Willis.
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Originally Posted by Howard Fendrich
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Scott Olsen was as good at the plate as he was on the mound.

Olsen had a double, a single and an RBI, all while taking a two-hit shutout into the sixth inning Tuesday night and helping the Florida Marlins beat the Washington Nationals 9-3 to improve to 2-0 for only the second time in their 15 seasons.

At least the Nationals can take solace from this: No one got hurt.

Before the game, Washington put two starters on the 15-day disabled list because they were injured during Monday's 9-2 loss to Florida -- center fielder Nook Logan (left foot) and shortstop Cristian Guzman (left hamstring).

So Washington called up Kory Casto, who never had played above Double-A, and started him in the outfield in his first major league game. Josh Wilson started at shortstop -- his first big league action since appearing in 11 games with Florida in 2005 -- and made one of the Nationals' two errors.

For five scoreless innings, Olsen (1-0) looked much better than he did during spring training, when he was 1-4 with a 4.63 ERA, or the last time games counted, when he went 0-3 with a 4.03 ERA in his final five starts of 2006.

He wound up lasting 5 1-3 innings Tuesday, charged with two runs, two hits and five walks.

Nationals starter Shawn Hill (0-1) got into trouble right away in his first appearance in the majors since June 28. The right-hander needed 18 minutes and 36 pitches to get through the first inning alone.

The game began with Hill hitting Hanley Ramirez with a pitch. Then Dan Uggla hit a grounder that Wilson dived to stop, but the shortstop's attempt to shovel the ball to second with his glove went awry, leaving both runners safe. After Miguel Cabrera walked to load the bases, Mike Jacobs' grounder hopped under first baseman Dmitri Young's glove and through his legs for an error that allowed two runs to score.

That drew the first boos of the night from the crowd of 20,894 -- about half as many as opening day.

Miguel Olivo added a two-run single in the first to make it 4-0, and Florida could have tacked on more, but Alejandro De Aza grounded into the first of three double plays Hill would get.

Hill, who missed all of 2005 after elbow ligament replacement surgery, gave up Olsen's double to right on the second pitch of the second inning, followed by Cabrera's RBI single. But then Hill settled down and was lifted for a pinch-hitter after allowing five runs -- four earned -- and five hits in five innings.

He did hear some jeers after popping up a bunt attempt while batting in the third. There were other miscues by the Nationals, including in the sixth, when reliever Ray King loaded the bases on two singles and a walk.

That brought up Olsen, whose grounder to first appeared to set up a double play. But after Young threw to second for one out, King failed to cover the bag at first for a return throw. So that allowed another run to score, making it 6-0.

Washington scored twice without the benefit of a hit in the sixth after Olsen walked the bases loaded and was lifted, leaving the mound muttering. Left-hander Renyel Pinto walked Young to force in a run, and Brian Schneider's sacrifice fly made it 6-2.
Great way to start off the season for this young team. Unfortunately, it's not against a great team.

4 players with multi-hits, is pretty good.
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Originally Posted by Howard Fendrich
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Robert Fick sprinted across the diamond to wrap his arms around Dmitri Young. Then Young sought out Manny Acta for a hearty embrace. Most of the Washington Nationals gathered near the mound to hug, high-five and hop in unison.

Then they raced to the clubhouse, where the music blared and the champagne flowed.

Won the pennant? Not quite. The cause for celebration Wednesday? Washington's ninth-inning rally to beat the Florida Marlins 7-6 -- the Nationals' first victory of the season and Acta's first win as a major league manager. There also was Young's first key hit of his second chance, and Fick's first truly happy moment lately.

"It was kind of fun to see the players go out there. You know, we just snapped a two-game losing streak, and they're celebrating like we clinched the (NL) East. That tells me a lot about their character," said Acta, who received bottles of bubbly from the Nationals and from his former employer, New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya.

Washington lost the season's first two games to Florida by a combined score of 18-5, and then Wednesday trailed 5-0 and 6-1. It was 6-4 heading to the bottom of the ninth, but Young's bases-loaded single with one out off closer Jorge Julio (0-1) completed the comeback. Young hit an arching ball toward the left-field corner, and outfielder Josh Willingham let it drop, hoping it would land foul.

"I knew it was going to be close," Willingham said. "That was the only play I had."

His manager, Fredi Gonzalez, agreed.

"He ain't going to throw him out at the plate there," Gonzalez said. "I thought it was a head's-up play."

But the ball dropped on the dirt, about a foot fair, and Young raised a fist while he ran to first and Kory Casto crossed the plate with the game-ending run.

"Dramatic fashion," Young noted.

He was cut by the Tigers last season, then arrived at Washington's minor league spring training camp less than two months ago with a non-guaranteed contract, a "zero tolerance" policy thanks to off-field issues that landed him in court and a rehab center in 2006, and plenty to prove.

Young emerged from a three-player competition to start at first while Nick Johnson recovers from a broken leg, and now is hitting .333 with three RBIs.

Washington Nationals' Matt Chico delivers against the Florida Marlins in the first inning of a baseball game, Wednesday, April 4, 2007, at RFK Stadium in Washington. The Nationals won 7-6.
AP - Apr 4, 4:59 pm EDT
More Photos
"It's been a long road back for Dmitri," said Fick, who's known Young since their days at nearby high schools in California, then played with him in Detroit. "Everybody in this clubhouse loves him."

Fick, who had an RBI single off Julio in the three-run ninth, knew about his pal's problems, but also has his own concerns: Fick's mother is battling cancer.

"We're there for each other. I know his mother well, and we pray for her, for his family," Young said. "Nobody should go through that situation."

What Fick and Young and pretty much everyone in the Nationals' clubhouse also wanted to talk about was how Acta's steady hand kept the team from getting too down as it appeared headed to a season-opening sweep.

"We are a generally young team, with the exception of myself and a couple of other guys," Young said. "If you see the manager panic, the players are going to panic. He didn't panic. We didn't panic."

The bullpen threw five shutout innings, including Jon Rauch (1-0), who struck out the only two batters he faced in the ninth.

Ronnie Belliard led off the last half-inning with a double, and Fick drove him in. After Felipe Lopez's sacrifice, Casto was credited with a single and his first major league RBI when his liner bounced off shortstop Hanley Ramirez's chest and into the outfield to tie the score. Ryan Zimmerman singled, and Austin Kearns walked to load the bases, setting up Young.

"Contagious," Zimmerman said.

Washington is trying to rebuild after three consecutive last-place finishes and relies on some players with little-to-no big league experience.

Wednesday's starter, Matt Chico, was making his first appearance above Double-A. The left fielder, Casto, was making his second. Jesus Flores never appeared in a game above Class A before pinch hitting Wednesday.

"Everyone thinks were going to lose anyway," Zimmerman said. "We might as well go out there and play free, and that's what we did today."
Definitely not the way you would want to end the final game of a series. Especially when you have the lead going into the bottom of the ninth.
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Originally Posted by Steve Wine
MIAMI (AP) -- Thanks to Pat Burrell's hitting, Jamie Moyer's pitching and Florida's fielding, the Philadelphia Phillies finally won a game.

Burrell homered and drove in four runs, Moyer pitched 6 2-3 innings and the Phillies scored four unearned runs to beat the Marlins 8-2 on Friday night.

The win came after the Phils were swept in a season-opening three-game series at home against Atlanta.

"I knew we were going to win sooner or later," Moyer said.

Burrell hit a three-run homer and an RBI single, and Jimmy Rollins hit a two-run homer for the Phillies, who also benefited from two Florida errors to build an early 5-2 lead.

"We make a play here and there, and it's a different ballgame," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

The Marlins' home opener drew 40,397, their largest crowd at home since the 2005 opener. But Florida gave fans little to cheer about.

"This will probably be the largest crowd we have all year," second baseman Dan Uggla said. "We wanted to play better for them."

The Phillies finally looked like the team touted as a likely title contender in the NL East. They scored nine runs in the Atlanta series and nearly matched that total against Florida, their favorite foil in 2006.

Philadelphia went 13-6 against Florida last year.

Moyer (1-0) was 3-0 against the Marlins in 2006, and he again kept them off-balance by changing speeds from slow to slower. The 44-year-old left-hander allowed seven hits and two runs before departing after 93 pitches.

"He gets the hitters antsy," Phils manager Charlie Manuel said. "That's a feel for the game. That's experience."

Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Pat Burrell follows through after hitting a three-run home run in the seventh inning against the Florida Marlins in a baseball game at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Friday, April 6, 2007.
AP - Apr 6, 9:27 pm EDT
More Photos
When Moyer found himself in a jam, he would slow the pace of the game, drawing boos by stepping off the rubber frequently or throwing to first.

"He's a smart pitcher," Uggla said. "You don't want to be hitting on anyone else's time, but he got us hitting on his time."

With the score 5-2, the Marlins' first two batters singled to put runners at the corners in the fifth. Moyer retired the next three batters -- pinch-hitter Aaron Boone, Hanley Ramirez and Uggla -- all on infield popups.

Philadelphia's Ryan Howard, who went 2-for-11 against the Braves, had a single and two walks and was robbed of another hit. He's still looking for his first extra-base hit after setting a Phillies record with 58 homers last year.

Both of Burrell's hits came after the Marlins walked cleanup hitter Howard, once intentionally.

"This is a great lineup to hit fifth or even sixth," Burrell said. "You're going to get opportunities to drive in runs. That's what I'm here to do."

Hanley Ramirez hit a solo homer for Florida. Sergio Mitre (0-1) pitched five innings and allowed five runs, only one earned. He missed most of last season with a shoulder injury.

The Marlins fell behind for good in the second inning, when an error by third baseman Miguel Cabrera on a grounder led to two unearned runs. Greg Dobbs followed with an RBI double, and Carlos Ruiz made the score 2-0 with a two-out double.

The Phillies scored two more unearned runs in the fourth. Ruiz reached on a grounder to Mitre when first baseman Mike Jacobs came off the bag too quickly taking the throw. With two outs, Rollins hit his second homer for a 5-2 lead.

Burrell's first homer in the seventh off Ricky Nolasco made the score 8-2.

"We kept adding on," Manuel said.

"That's the kind of team we have," Burrell said. "We can definitely score some runs."

Florida's Miguel Olivo hit a two-out RBI triple to deep center in the second, but was thrown out trying for an inside-the-park homer. Olivo bruised his right thumb sliding into home and when it became swollen, he left the game in the sixth. He's day to day.
Bullpen struggled.
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Originally Posted by Steven Wine
MIAMI (AP) -- Ryan Howard's final swing produced a game-ending groundout to second baseman Dan Uggla, positioned in short right field as a sign of respect for the Philadelphia first baseman's power.

That's the farthest Howard hit a ball all night.

The slumping slugger went 0-for-5 with three strikeouts, helping the Florida Marlins escape several jams in an 8-5 victory over the Phillies on Saturday.

Josh Willingham drove in four runs for Florida with his first homer, a triple and a double, then struck out in the seventh needing a single to hit for the cycle. Dontrelle Willis (2-0) pitched six innings and retired Howard three times.

Howard, who set a Phillies record with 58 home runs last year, stranded five runners as his average fell to .158 with no RBIs.

"That guy's dangerous," Willis said. "All he needs is that one, and here it comes. He's a friend of mine, and I'm rooting for him, but not against us, because he's a guy who can single-handedly carry a team into the postseason. I just pray he keeps struggling against us."

The Phillies scored twice in the ninth off Jorge Julio and had a runner at third when Howard grounded out to end the game. That left him 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position.

"It's just matter of him getting his timing," manager Charlie Manuel said. "He's not hitting the ball like he is definitely capable of. We need him to do it."

Howard, the NL Most Valuable Player in 2006, has three singles this season and no extra-base hits. He drove in 149 runs to lead the league last year.

"He's probably pressing a little bit and feels he has to live up to something," Marlins first baseman Mike Jacobs said. "I hope he's out of here before he starts turning it on."

Nursing a 4-3 lead, Willis retired Chase Utley and Howard after giving up a one-out double and walk in the fifth.

"You have to thank your lucky stars with the type of damage they can do," Willis said. He escaped again in the sixth, pitching around consecutive singles to start the inning.

Utley finally drove in his first run this season in the ninth with a double off Julio, who blew a save Wednesday in his lone previous appearance with the Marlins and had another shaky outing.

Willingham had hits in his first three at-bats. In the seventh he fouled off five two-strike pitches from Ryan Madson, then struck out swinging.

No player in the Marlins' 15-year history has hit for the cycle.

"I did not know that," Willingham said. "If I would have known that, I would have done it."

Willis allowed three runs -- all on Jimmy Rollins' inside-the-park homer -- and struck out nine. He improved to 11-1 in April with an ERA of 2.40.

Philadelphia's Brett Myers (0-1) gave up eight hits -- six for extra bases -- and six runs in 4 1-3 innings. The Phillies, touted as NL East title contenders, fell to 1-4.

"It's definitely not a time to panic," Utley said. "Overall our starting pitchers have done a good job keeping us in the game, but we haven't came up with the key hit with guys on base."

The game drew 32,419 fans, many of them brandishing white Marlins flags distributed in a giveaway promotion.

The stands became a sea of waving flags with two out in the third. Cabrera doubled to score Willis, who had walked. Jacobs also doubled, and Willingham tripled to put Florida ahead 4-3.

Cabrera walked, Jacobs doubled and Willingham hit a two-run double to knock out Myers in the fifth.

Willis retired the first six batters before Aaron Rowand singled to start the third. Carlos Ruiz also singled, and following a forceout at third, Rollins hit a liner to center fielder Alejandro De Aza's right.

The rookie made a diving attempt to cut the ball off, but it scooted under him to the wall, forcing left fielder Willingham to retrieve it near the 434-foot sign. Rollins kept running and slid home ahead of the relay throw for his third inside-the-park home run and his third homer this year.

Willingham homered leading off the second. De Aza, who has a hit in every game, went 2-for-4 and doubled in the eighth for his first career RBI. He scored on a double by pinch-hitter Jason Wood.
Uggla continues to have a bad start to the season. Going 2 for 221 (.095)
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Originally Posted by Steven Wine
MIAMI (AP) -- The seventh inning summed up the Philadelphia Phillies' futility: They walked four times and scored only one run.

Eleven bases on balls weren't enough to jump-start the struggling Phils, who stranded 14 runners and lost to the Florida Marlins 6-4 Sunday.

Touted as title contenders in the NL East, the Phillies are 1-5 for the third time in four seasons and the second year in a row.

"It's a concern. You can't say that it's not," said third baseman Wes Helms, a newcomer. "It is only six games, but if you go 1-5 in the middle of the season, you don't look at it as much as when you are 1-5 at the beginning. We want to correct this quick. We don't want to get so far down that we have to climb and climb."

The feeble Phillies went 2-for-11 with runners in scoring position, dropping their season average in those situations to .200.

Their final squandered opportunity came in the ninth. New Florida closer Jorge Julio struggled for the third appearance in a row, loading the bases with one out. Lee Gardner came on to earn his first career save by retiring Carlos Ruiz on a foul popup and striking out Michael Bourn looking.

"We couldn't get a big hit," Phils manager Charlie Manuel said. "We will get them. When? That's the big question. We will get them. It's just a matter of time before we get them."

The 32-year-old Gardner's milestone came after he totaled 130 saves in the minor leagues. He clutched a souvenir lineup card in the clubhouse.

"When I set out at the age of 5, I didn't want to become a saves leader in Triple-A," he said. "This is big."

Gardner's not lobbying to replace the newly acquired Julio, who has the Marlins' third-highest salary at $3.6 million but also an ERA of 16.88. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Julio will remain the closer, although he'll likely be given Monday off.

"We've got to show confidence with Julio," Gonzalez said. "He's our guy, and we need him. We've got to get him right, and I think he can do it."

Backup catcher Matt Treanor hit an RBI triple for the Marlins, then scored the go-ahead run on a suicide squeeze by pitcher Scott Olsen to help overcome an early three-run deficit.

"It's good for us," said Olsen (2-0), who pitched five innings. "They obviously did a number on us last year. It's a good start for us to get some confidence against these upper-echelon teams in the division."

Olsen needed 35 pitches to get through a three-run first inning but still earned his second win in two starts. Despite allowing four hits and four walks, he left with a 5-3 lead.

Mike Jacobs hit his second homer for the Marlins, who won even though they were without two starters by the second inning. Shortstop Hanley Ramirez pulled up limping after running out a grounder and left in the first inning with a stiff right hamstring, and outfielder Josh Willingham was a late scratch from the lineup with a stiff back.

Both were optimistic about returning to the lineup within a day or two.

Alfredo Amezaga replaced Ramirez and tripled home a run. Cody Ross replaced Willingham and made a running catch on the warning track in right field with the bases loaded to prevent a big inning.

Philadelphia's Ryan Howard hit a two-run double in the first inning, his first RBIs and first extra-base hit this season. He finished 2-for-4 with a walk to hike his average to .217.

"I have been here before, so I just have to get through it," said Howard, the NL MVP in 2006. "Knowing the situation, I am just trying to right the ship."

Zack Segovia (0-1) took the loss in his major league debut, allowing eight hits and five runs in five innings. He was optioned after the game to Triple-A Ottawa.

"It was a great experience, and I am just going to build on it," Segovia said.
Hopefully Julio will get more comfortable with his role as closer with the Marlins.
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Originally Posted by Steven Wine
MIAMI (AP) -- Rookie Henry Owens stood at his locker, savoring the milestone save he had just earned, when someone came by with a photo of him throwing a pitch.

"What an ugly guy," Owens said. "Thank God you don't have to look good to get outs."

The Marlins' bullpen looked better Monday, when struggling closer Jorge Julio took the night off and three relievers combined for three scoreless innings, completing a 5-3 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Owens, who pitched the ninth for his first career save, said he likes the closer's role.

"You have the opportunity to take your team home to victory, or you could blow it," said Owens, who had 50 saves in the minors. "There's a lot of responsibility, and I appreciate the responsibility."

Teammate Lee Gardner earned his first career save Sunday.

"It has got to be some kind of record -- two guys getting their first save on back-to-back nights," manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said he gave the struggling Julio the night off because the $3.6 million closer had pitched the previous two days. Julio will be back in the role Tuesday, Gonzalez said, despite a 16.88 ERA.

The rest of the Marlins' young bullpen has an ERA of 2.18 -- one reason they're 5-2 with three wins in a row.

They're also winning because of Miguel Cabrera, who hit his third homer and drove in three runs. Anibal Sanchez (1-0) allowed eight hits and three walks in six innings but gave the bullpen a 5-3 lead.

With their ninth win in a row over the Brewers, the Marlins matched the longest active streak between teams in the major leagues. Florida went 7-0 against Milwaukee last year.

"It's our first loss to the Marlins this year," manager Ned Yost said. "I don't care about any other year. I don't care about anything but tonight."

"I wasn't locating," Suppan said. "I made a lot of mistakes up. I made a lot of mistakes down the middle."

Milwaukee lost for the fourth time in five games.

The Marlins, who began the week leading the majors in runs, scored two in the first and took a 4-1 lead in the third on Cabrera's two-run homer, which increased his RBI total to 11. He began the week leading the NL in hitting and went 1-for-2 to remain at .500 with a slugging percentage of 1.042.

Cabrera said he's benefiting from the productivity of the rest of the order. The Marlins are batting .311.

"I feel good," he said. "I'm seeing good pitches to hit."

Milwaukee's Geoff Jenkins hit a two-run homer, his third.

Sanchez twice retired Rickie Weeks with runners at second and third to end threats. Weeks tripled and scored in the first, but he's 0-for-6 this season with runners in scoring position.

Bill Hall also endured a tough night. The Brewers had runners at first and second with one out in the fifth, but Hall was doubled off first on a flyout to right to end the inning.

Center fielder Hall, a converted infielder, dropped a fly by Joe Borchard on the warning track for a three-base error in the sixth.

Alejandro De Aza then hit a two-out RBI double over Hall's head.

"We're still going through some growing pains there," Yost said.

De Aza, a rookie who has a hit in every game, is batting .333.

Florida scored twice in the first to take a 2-1 lead. Alfredo Amezaga led off with a double, took third on Dan Uggla's single and scored on Cabrera's sacrifice fly. Following a walk, Josh Willingham singled home a run for a 2-1 lead.

Uggla doubled to start the third, and Cabrera pulled a homer inside the foul pole.
Uggla had another two hit game. Glad to see he's starting to improve.
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MIAMI (AP) -- It didn't take long for the first suspended game of the season under the new major league rule change.

The Florida Marlins' game against the Milwaukee Brewers was suspended after 10 innings and three rain delays Tuesday night with the score 2-2.

Before this year, it would have become an official tie game and would have been replayed from the start. Because of the change made during the offseason, it will be resumed Wednesday night in the top of the 11th inning and be followed by the finale of the three-game series.

"It's a good rule; it makes sense for both teams," Milwaukee manager Ned Yost said. "We'd both be in trouble if they hadn't changed it. We're better off picking it up tomorrow in a lot better conditions."

Crew chief Doug Eddings suspended the game at 12:03 a.m. -- 32 minutes after the third delay began. The three delays totaled 1:42.

"The umpires did the right thing," Florida manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "It was getting bad the last inning."

Puddles of water were visible in the infield and outfield.

"This is what happens in south Florida," said Brewers infielder Craig Counsell, who played for Florida from 1997-99. "You don't want the game being decided by the conditions. You want it decided by what happens on the field."

J.J. Hardy tied the score for Milwaukee with a one-out RBI double in the ninth off Jorge Julio, who has blown both of his save chances this year.

"I don't know. I'm not in his head," Gonzalez said of his struggling closer's confidence. "The only thing I know is we're going to keep running him out there."

Florida had taken a 2-1 lead on Dan Uggla's sacrifice fly in the fifth.

Baseball umpires Derryl Cousins, left, and Dana DeMuth talk after 11 innings of play during the baseball game in Miami, Tuesday, April 10, 2007 between the Milwaukee Brewers and Florida Marlins. Minutes later, the game was once again delayed by the heavy rain.
AP - Apr 10, 11:57 pm EDT
More Photos
Marlins starter Rick Vanden Hurk, brought up from the minors earlier in the day, made his major league debut and allowed one run and five hits in 4 2-3 innings with five strikeouts and three walks. He did not return after the first rain delay.

"I was a little nervous my first time out there, but once I got a couple of outs I settled down a little bit and felt better throwing the ball," Vanden Hurk said. "Of course you want to go out there as long as possible, Once you get out there, you want to stay there. I'll probably be more settled down next time."

Vanden Hurk, whose parents were in the stands, was only the second pitcher from the Netherlands to start a major league game. Bert Blyleven became the first in 1970 and won 287 games over a 22-year career. Winn Remmerswaal pitched 22 games in relief during a two-season stretch with the Boston Red Sox in 1979-80.

In his first start since the Brewers acquired him from Arizona in the offseason, Claudio Vargas gave up two runs and five hits in five innings, striking out nine.

Mike Jacobs' RBI single put Florida ahead in the first, but Corey Hart's sacrifice fly tied the score in the fourth.

Tony Graffanino was ejected by Eddings for arguing a called third strike that ended the eighth.

Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera had a rough first inning. He was hit in the face while retrieving left fielder Josh Willingham's one-bounce throw following Prince Fielder's single. In the bottom of the inning, while attempting to avoid Vargas' two-strike, inside pitch, Cabrera was hit in the right elbow but struck out when his bat went across the plate.
Julio's struggle continue.
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Mitre didn't have a good outing.

MIAMI (AP) -- Rickie Weeks started the go-ahead rally in the opener, then provided most of the offense in the second game.

Weeks scored on Prince Fielder's 13th-inning single as the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Florida Marlins 3-2 in the completion of a suspended game. He then homered, tripled and scored three runs in a 5-2 victory in Wednesday night's scheduled game.

Milwaukee had lost nine in a row to the Marlins before winning two straight.

"Huge, huge wins," Milwaukee manager Ned Yost said. "We're coming into their park, which is a very hard place for opponents to come in and play, and we take two from them. That's huge. You're battling rain, humidity and heat, which all works in their favor down here, and we take the series."

Tuesday's game was suspended with the score 2-2 after 10 innings and three rain delays that totaled 1 hour, 42 minutes. Before this year, it would have become an official tie game and would have been replayed from the start. But under a rules change made during the offseason, it was picked up where the teams left off.

"It's good rule, it really is," Florida manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "I would have hated to come out here with the way the pitching is and played two games."

Fielder had three singles, a double and three walks to reach base seven times in the opener. He tied the team record set by Kevin Reimer, who was 6-for-6 with a walk against Oakland on Aug. 24, 1993.

"He goes out there and does his part," Yost said. "He tries to do his business and not carry too much of the load."

Renyel Pinto (0-1), who lost in his first major league decision, relieved to start the 13th and walked Rickie Weeks leading off. Weeks advanced on Craig Counsell's sacrifice and J.J. Hardy's groundout, then scored on Fielder's hit to right.

"That game was like getting all your teeth pulled out," Yost said. "The guys persevered and stayed after it. They found a way to get it done."

Elmer Dessens (1-0) pitched a scoreless 12th for his first victory for the Brewers. Cody Ross doubled with one out in the bottom half of the 13th against Francisco Cordero, but Alfredo Amezaga lined to shortstop J.J. Hardy, who doubled up Ross for a game-ending double play.

In the second game, Dave Bush (1-1) allowed one run and 10 hits in six innings, and Francisco Cordero pitched the ninth for his third save.

Sergio Mitre (0-2) allowed four runs in six innings for the Marlins.

"I didn't do good, but I didn't do bad either," Mitre said. "I struggled and gave up 10 hits. I was battling out there just trying to keep us in the ball game."

Weeks hit a two-run homer in the third inning for a 3-0 lead. Following a triple in the sixth, Weeks scored to make it 4-0 on a single by J.J. Hardy.

"I kind of got warmed up in the first game and then started taking it real seriously in the second game," Weeks said.

With Florida trailing by four runs, Miguel Cabrera homered in the sixth, his fourth of the season, and Joe Borchard added a solo home run in the seventh to pull within two runs before being shut down by the Milwaukee bullpen.
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