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sl0wp1tch 05-11-2006 05:09 PM

Are your kids into baseball?
My kids are so stuck on video games. We've tried to get them to be more active with sports like hockey and baseball, but theyre young and want to do what all their friends are doing------ XBOX!

What are the other parents seeing out there, is this the trend?

stevereno159 05-14-2006 09:51 PM

well, im 14, so i dont have kids, but i loved little league even though i was like the worst player on the team. tell ur kids if they dont like it, they can get out of it the next year, but they will like it!

administrator 05-15-2006 01:10 PM

No Kids for me, but when i was raised team sports were a big part of growing up.
If i had children, they would be in some sort of team game, more than likely baseball so i can go out and get a tan while hes playing :)

peeweecubs 05-17-2006 12:23 AM

Hey guys,

I am new here... somehow I received an email telling about this place... so for once I guess it was good mail in my inbox! Anyway its great to be here... looks fun, especially with the Little League category... :)

I am 29, married and have three kids. Teen daughter, 8 yr old son, and new born girl. My older daughter and son are playing softball and baseball. They love it... sl0wp1tch, how old are your kids? Don't get me wrong, my kid love their share of video games as well! My son, though, is a total baseball NUT!

I never really kept up with sports all that much... but now here my son and daughter is, very athletic and loves sports... so now I have to.... AH.... get right with sports! LOL!!!

Anyway... glad to be here, and look forward to meeting some cool people. Whoever sent me the email, thanks!


Pierre 05-17-2006 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by sl0wp1tch
------ XBOX! this the trend?

We don't have XBOX, but the kids do have computer games, GameBoys, and of course TV. I've developed and elaborate point system that requires the kids to earn the right to watch TV, play games, etc. Mostly, points are earned through playing with enthusiasm and effort, not performance. It works because when you work hard, you get better, when you get better, you have more fun, when you have fun, you want to play and the cycle continues. They love the system and I get to play a lot of backyard ball (softball & baseball) and help them develop. Of course, the kids can watch the Nationals without using their points;) .

peeweecubs 05-18-2006 09:32 PM

Sounds like a pretty cool system. We are not that organized! LOL!!! Luckily the kids, as they do like video games, are not video game junkies.... they would rather be outside. Our typical day is very busy and really there isn't too much time for the kids to watch tv or play video games.

BTW... dad doesn't set a good he is a major video game junkie... I can't seem to out grow it! LOL!!

stevereno159 05-20-2006 04:28 AM

today was a good day for me, no computer/ps2, well untill like midnight lol

but ive only been home for about an hour not counting sleep

usually its at least 4 hours and sometimes 7-9 depending on when i got to sleep, but its 2:30 right now so thats not soo good

but ill live cuz i got a trip to six flags on mon!!!!! and were goin golfin afta lunch tues and its early out wed

so a total of 1 days time in 3 days, and only like 8 days of school left, so that makes it really like 5 WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

ill prolly sleep in today till like noonish, but usually i wake up 10:30-11, but i wish i could sleep till noon :p

shannyfan14 05-20-2006 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by administrator
No Kids for me, but when i was raised team sports were a big part of growing up.
If i had children, they would be in some sort of team game, more than likely baseball so i can go out and get a tan while hes playing :)

:) I used to play little league.. when i was five.. i went into hockey alot heavier.. but it was always nice playing for fun. i mean i played from five till like eight years of age.

I love baseball.. im not a good player.. nor do i have any kids.. im a better hockey player.. but thats besides the point. i dont have any kids.. but if i did, well, they would be in sports as much as they wanted.. if i do ever have any.. ill let them do whatever sports they want;) i do love the games!

peeweecubs 05-20-2006 01:54 PM

Do they play video games?

stevereno159 05-21-2006 02:01 AM

if i may quote shanny fan, "i dont have any kids"

peeweecubs 05-23-2006 09:45 PM

Do you want one of mine! LOL!!! JOKING! :dunno:

stevereno159 05-24-2006 12:22 AM

ya ill have ur daughter whos a year younger than me :p:cheeky4: :cool: :D nah jking!

peeweecubs 05-24-2006 11:06 PM

Unless you plan on living a short life.... that might not be a good idea! LOL!! :D

stevereno159 05-28-2006 03:05 PM

well fine:cheeky4: , i didnt want her anyway :laugh: :D

crz4mets2 05-28-2006 06:55 PM

I don't have kids because I am only 13.

But I am interested in Baseball.

My schedule on weekends is...

Morning - Xbox 360

Later Morning - Computer

Afternoon - Play outside/Watch Mets game(Depends)

Evening - Usually Baseball

Night - Computer/Watch Mets game(Depends)

stevereno159 05-29-2006 01:47 AM

kool im 14, i play about 2-3 hrs a day, play 2-3 hrs aday outside n stuff, 5-55555 hours of hw lol.

crz4mets2 05-29-2006 09:21 AM

I do my homework sunday nights after the Mets game.

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