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BuildingRome 12-22-2020 01:21 PM

BuildingRomeSeries Introduction
Hi, my name is Gary Barr.

I am the author of two new baseball hitting books (available on Amazon), The Ultimate Hitting Fundamentals, Techniques, Strategy Guide and The Ultimate Hitting Training Guide.

Building Rome Series is the name of my bookselling company.

Building Rome Series guides the baseball and fastpitch softball hitter as they climb, step by step, up the heights of the Roman Coliseum. Each step up incrementally and accumulatively increases the hitter’s power and production.

Like academics, music, and the arts, every player can benefit from starting with basics and gradually adding refinement to their skills. Building the High-Level Swing adheres to this training concept, constructing the batting swing from the ground up.

Building Rome Series provides a functional path, or “road map” to develop young and inexperienced baseball and fastpitch softball players into hitters prepared to succeed at the college level and above.

The Ultimate Hitting Training Guide utilizes modern training methods, with 140 functional drills containing over 500 individual steps to develop the fundamentals and techniques described in The Ultimate Hitting Fundamentals, Techniques, and Strategy Guide. The training guide also incorporates:

Swing fixes for the most common hitting issues.
New persuasive scientific methods of learning relating to the development of motor skills.
How to deliberately practice to make the best use of the time available.
How to test whether habits are game ready.
The mental processes used by great hitters during practice and games.
How to plan a hitting practice for any age group.
How to build strength, conditioning, and speed for baseball and fastpitch softball hitters.

Please take a moment to learn more at my Building Rome Series website.

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