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  1. The volunteer groups support the
  2. Weeper makes peace with his being
  3. so many of their novels depict characters
  4. The debris covered a field of 20 square kilometers
  5. think that so long as
  6. turned municipal parks
  7. but next week it will become one
  8. her two sons had taken his classes
  9. more members to give himself
  10. his plan to balance the country’s budget
  11. in voting for the largely ceremonial post
  12. Poland is both the largest and the most
  13. how things work
  14. pass on their way from Greece to northern Europe
  15. hat many predict will underscore the unity of the Church
  16. he asked that time also be given to
  17. less than the tip of the iceberg
  18. to address the synod
  19. believed in or even thought about
  20. a million viewers each Sunday
  21. the incendiary video of running back
  22. another of the small villages along
  23. huddled in the house waiting
  24. On Saturday she was relieved
  25. Hurricane Patricia roared to life in the warm
  26. birthday riding an elephant in Botswana
  27. one month after the inauguration
  28. it’s impossible not to think a
  29. who has been locked in
  30. whose unconventional moves have
  31. people had started gathering
  32. catastrophic damage and leave areas
  33. run by his daughter
  34. The Swedish news media
  35. be convinced by the equally
  36. Being more important to China
  37. Mr. Osborne in particular sees Britain’s future
  38. delayed nuclear power station
  39. they get a sense that the
  40. to stem the flow of refugees
  41. it also highlights the
  42. shared conviction that with the right
  43. where subsistence farmers are learning
  44. focusing on the provision of health
  45. have invoked such threats
  46. The only organized Islamist party
  47. The parliamentary contest
  48. the Soviet force driven from Afghanistan
  49. to do their military task
  50. Merkel's government faces increasing pressure
  51. would not still be at the highway
  52. Danish police swooped in and separated
  53. shelter that could take them
  54. Majids were boarding the train
  55. anger by the time the police
  56. the two brothers with their
  57. then his work is done
  58. Europe in late August and early
  59. Ben Affleck’s hit film
  60. 2,000 scattered amid the Palestinian
  61. many seethe as they pump
  62. the bill calls for continuous monitoring
  63. And though some believe that smokers
  64. Congress passed a bipartisan bill
  65. It needs them to underscore
  66. The Chinese hostility to America
  67. you’re probably part of it
  68. prod voters into giving sectarian
  69. weapons and training to make them
  70. in daily fear for his life
  71. hotels and highways where migrants
  72. many areas of her country
  73. He has perhaps eight
  74. we would have to admit
  75. had the reputation of a saint
  76. Germans must integrate perhaps
  77. citizens more space to breathe
  78. they do often raise them year
  79. and laying off their employees to achieve
  80. he told one of his oldest friends
  81. Chinese economy is merely a blip
  82. Yet the debate about cows has
  83. then the defense secretary
  84. relying largely on a Saudi-led air campaign
  85. We went on the streets for freedom
  86. Those such as Gerardo Parra, who plays 150 games
  87. point where they go into the
  88. where mainstream churches viewed
  89. At the Beverage Digest conference
  90. a constitution or the like while
  91. appeared to have sought community
  92. Many analysts say that
  93. He became something of an online
  94. Speeding up the startup
  95. Whats your gamertag?
  96. Justin Verlander MLB 12 the show game cover
  97. Xbox 360 joins devices for MLB.TV Premium
  98. MLB 12 the Show
  99. New game systems take center stage at E3
  100. What game are you currently playing?