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Originally Posted by zhollywood
How 'bout that Luke Scott, though? And how nice is it to see him playing every day? Wonder how long that will last? When do we face a lefty again?
As far as I know, both the Dodgers and Padres have righties scheduled against the Astros. So Luke should play through the end of this road trip.

Originally Posted by zhollywood
Oh... and what about that fine dive, grab, hop-up, throw 'im out play that the less than serviceable 3rd baseman, Lambo, made?
Lamb played great defense last night. Think he might've been trying to show up Wiggy?

On a separate note, I posted a thread about last night's game that I should've titled "Who's Got Lane Love?". The answer's Garner. Here's what he said about Lane's low BA:

"It's a real deceptive deal," Garner said. "He's playing well defensively and if you keep hitting multiple-run home runs, then you can keep him in the lineup. The whole idea is you want the batting average, and you want that to lead to production. If you hit it out of the ballpark, that's what we're looking for.

"Your average can be a little bit lower as long as you're driving in those runs and hitting them out of the ballpark. And driving them in games like this, when it was important, not when you have a 10-run lead and you hit them out of the ballpark."
Yeah, he smacked a 2-run homer. That was his ONLY hit and it wasn't even the game winning run! They don't mention how many times he leaves runners stranded like he did to end the top of the 3rd with 2 men on.
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