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Originally Posted by stevereno159
1st Year Pewee We were like 3-17 lol
2nd Year Pewee we went 11-9, made the playoffs, but there was a sweet part of the playoffs, bases loaded, bottom of the 7th (9th in little league), bases loaded, I come to the plate, at this time I hadn't practiced as much on hitting so i had like a .141 batting average and like 50 K's lol, but, my neighbor was on 3rd, I swing, goes and hits the fence, two runs score, walk off double!, only went to second round, lost 4-3
1st Year Minors they upped the age so i only had one year of minors
I got my first taste of pitching this year and I never went back
we went like 14-6, i only pitched in two games but, 1st game ever pitching, 1st batter i strike out lol, i faced the 7,8,9 batters, Stikeout, Walk, Double play. (1st double play id seen in little league lol) neways i only pitched the one inning
two weeks later my coach desided to give me the start
5 Innings, 4 K's 2 BB and 1 ER, and i got my first little league home run so we won 6-2, reliever let a run in, 1st Win, 1st home run same game lol, we still only made it to the second round again
Majors - made 7 starts that season 5-1 14 K's and thats all i remember lol
Pony - made 10 starts, 6-3 19 K's, i didnt get really good untill babe ruth
Babe Ruth league - 10 Starts, #2 Pitcher, 8-1 24 K's WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!
My freshman year of highschool
Pitching Stats
For some reason they didn't start me alot, I was in the pen lol, prolly cuz im young
6 Starts 5-0 14 apperances 24 K's
Im not a great hitter but im ok
3 HR 12 RBI 12 SB, .289 BA
only made it to districts
my pony team won the chammpionship this year and the Clinton all-star tem is 1 game away from the pony league worl series

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