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Originally Posted by la_faker_81
well i fear changeups on a 0-2 count cos i am probaly the worst at hitting those. I absoloutly smash fastballs and curveballs.
IMO fastballs are obviously the easiest...if pitcher grooves me one the first pitch of the at bat i make them pay for it....curveballs are easy to hit if you stay back and dont always try to pull them...the hardest pitch IMO is the changeup...when a pithcer pitches a curve the arm motion is different...but with a changeup, the pitchers arm motion is the same as when he pitches a fastball...also in high school baseball if you face a pitcher with a good splitter, you better not swing at anything that looks like its going to be at your thighs b/c its going to fall off the table and into the dirt...
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