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How Is Your Child Doing This Year?

So... how is your child or children doing with Little League Baseball/Softball this year?

My daughter is 13. She was out of softball for about five years. Just lost interest in it, but this year she wanted to play again. I definately supported and encouraged her, but also kinda warned her up front... "You have been out of softball for many years... and you will be playing with and against girls that have been playing almost their entire life." She told me that she knew this, and wanted to do it anyway. Her reasons were to stay active physically and meet new friends. And its been working out great. She natually, its as good as the rest of the girls... but her motivation, eagerness and attitude has gained so much respect and friendship from the team its unbelievable.

My son is 8, and has been playing baseball for one and a half years now. He is very good and Angie (my wife) and I are very proud of him. He really is a basebal NUT. I have never met an 8 yr old to actually sit thru an entire baseball game on TV. But he will, and he watches it like they were cartoons. I switched jobs this year and this has allowed me to be able to help coach his Little League Baseball team and create their team website.

So this has been a very wonderul year for the kids and my wife and I. I really look forward to hearing the experiences of other parents.

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