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Hey guys,

I am new here... somehow I received an email telling about this place... so for once I guess it was good mail in my inbox! Anyway its great to be here... looks fun, especially with the Little League category...

I am 29, married and have three kids. Teen daughter, 8 yr old son, and new born girl. My older daughter and son are playing softball and baseball. They love it... sl0wp1tch, how old are your kids? Don't get me wrong, my kid love their share of video games as well! My son, though, is a total baseball NUT!

I never really kept up with sports all that much... but now here my son and daughter is, very athletic and loves sports... so now I have to.... AH.... get right with sports! LOL!!!

Anyway... glad to be here, and look forward to meeting some cool people. Whoever sent me the email, thanks!

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