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Originally Posted by JayMick View Post
Roger Maris Used Steroids

The evidence that supports the belief that Roger Maris was on steroids during his record-breaking performance in 1961 is overwhelming. The fact that no mainstream sports reporter has discussed this possibility is an embarrassment to the media. I did not enter into this article with a predisposition to discredit Roger Maris's career; however, after researching his career from a statistical perspective I became completely convinced that he was using performance enhancers when he set the major league home-run record.

First let me begin by telling you that steroids were discovered in the late 1920 and became prevalent in sports by the 1950's. The muscle building effects of steroids were common knowledge during the career of Maris. In fact steroids were often prescribed for some sports injuries for their anti-inflammatory properties. During the time when Maris played steroids were not illegal. Steroid use was also not considered a major form of cheating by the mainstream society. This means that steroid use in baseball, during the years when Roger Maris played, was extremely likely to be an aspect of the game.

Next lets look at Roger Maris physical similarities to a classic steroid user during 1961. Both his hair was falling out and his skin was breaking out. The common excuse for his hair loss has been stress from the homerun race; however, this does not seem to be reasonable. The amount of stress it takes for an individual to have sudden hair loss has to be extremely high. I find it hard to believe that Roger Maris was experiencing physically altering levels of stress from baseball during the best year of his career. Why would he be so emotionally concerned about breaking a record in which he was already radically defying expectations to even be associated with? He had never even hit 40 homeruns prior to this year so why wouldn't he be anything but delighted to even have the opportunity to reach such an individual milestone. People have been so manipulated by the storybook anecdote of the 1961 homerun chase that they don't even question its reality. Finally Roger Maris died of cancer at the age 51, yet another common ailment of steroid users.

Nothing I have discussed so far has been part of the key factors that convinced me that Roger Maris used steroids. Everything leading up to this point has only been evidence that made me suspicious. It wasn't till I researched his statistical career that I started seriously considering the possibly of his steroid use. I compared his statistical numbers with the most obvious modern day steroid users and discovered a common pattern. When I try to understand the actual statistical effects steroids had on a player's career I compare the spike from his best year with the average of all his others years. I also eliminate the year before and after the players best statistical year due to the likelihood that steroids had some influence during those years as well. It isn't very likely that the beneifits of steroids could be significant enough to cause a noticeably abnormal spike in power numbers. So it is probable that the steroid use begin a season prior to the target year. I ignored the season following the target year because steroids would still have a physical effect on the body following termination of the drug's usage. Using those guidelines when statistically comparing the power numbers of steroid users I found a common pattern in their careers. Steroid users can almost always be distinguished from clean players by the stability and abnormal patterns of their career's statistical power numbers.

To say that Roger Maris had similar statistical patterns to modern day steroid users is an understatement. When eliminating the years both before and after 1961 for Maris I discovered that he was still setting records. Roger Maris had the highest statistical drop in baseball history when calculating his power numbers during his target year (1961) and comparing them with his next best year. His steroid spike of 1961 (1960-1962) is even worse then the spike of the laughable Brady Anderson steroid year of 1996 (1996; 50 HR)! Ignoring the years both before and after his prime steroid year you can see the obviousness of his guilt. He never even hit 30 homerun or had more then 80 RBI's. The numbers don't lie. Roger Maris's year in 1961 has the most abnormal spike of power numbers in baseball history. That isn't the last statistical similarity that Roger Maris has to modern day steroid users. The games he played per year begin to diminish following his spike. This is extremely common with steroid users because they are more susceptible to injuries once terminating the high levels of steroids being introduced to the body. Roger Maris's career is a perfect model of the common modern day steroid user's statistical patterns.

Roger Maris was a steroid user. I am not saying that he did anything wrong. I am simply stating this fact to help give people a new perspective when judging players like Barry Bonds. I also wanted to write this to shut-up anyone who still is angry about Roger Maris's record being broken. Roger Maris not having the homerun record is good for baseball. Now we don't have a completely average player holding the most cherished record in American sports. So I say lets not ever talk about Roger Maris again so he can fade into history with other steroid users like Brady Anderson and Gregg Vaughn.
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