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Makes sense to me

I heard this 20 years ago and it all added up. Losing his hair because of stress? Name one other person in sports who's ever had that happen. He was always a nice guy, friendly. That year he was, according to reporters, a jerk, completely out of character. His roommate, Mickey Mantle, was also chasing the record, but developed an abscessed hip from "sliding". Maybe the two roomies were injecting each other and Mantle got infected.

I did a Google search after watching the 30 for 30 doc on McGwire and Sosa. I've never seen anything written on this, however the many unusual circumstances combined with the highly improbable spike in production. Yes, there are some factors that would contribute to a great year. Favorable stadium, Mantle behind him, so zero intentional walks and expansion. So maybe I'm a crazy conspiracy nut on this issue, but there are a number of odd things that happened that year that are all explained by steroid use.

Another player that I think did steroids for one year in Roger Craig in his MVP year. I watched every 49er game in the 80s. Went from good to great. From a strong runner to busting through tackles regularly and at times, spectacularly. One of the nicest guys ever would get into it on the field. No evidence, but as I watched that season, I was amazed by his obvious improvement and enjoyed watching, but it just didn't make sense. As the year went on, I became more and more convinced. But I'm just a random fan that has no evidence, just my observation. There have been a number of other athletes that I thought were juicing, most of which eventually admitted it after the evidence piled up and the questions got more intense.
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