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Jack Morris won the World Series four times with three different teams: one in 1984 with the Detroit Tigers (where he and other Tigers teammates were carried by Alan Trammell the 1984 World Series MVP), one in 1991 with the Minnesota Twins (where he carried the whole Twins team en route to the 1991 World Series MVP), and two more in 1992 and 1993 with the Toronto Blue Jays (where he and other Jays teammates from both seasons were carried by Pat Borders in '92 and former Milwaukee Brewers' prolific star Paul Molitor in '93 respectively).

He also won the Babe Ruth Award twice (one in 1984 with Detroit, and another one with Minnesota in 1991), led the American League in regular season wins twice (one in 1981 shared with three other pitchers, and another one in 1992 with Toronto shared with Kevin J. Brown of the Texas Rangers), led the American League in total strikeouts delivered in 1983 with Detroit, a 6-time All-Star (5x with Detroit and 1x with Minnesota), and pitched a no-hitter on April 7, 1984 for Detroit.

There's no doubt that if Jack Morris were to be inducted to the Hall of Fame, he would have to go in as a member of the Detroit Tigers, given that he spent most of his playing career with them by 14 seasons before joining Minnesota, Toronto and Cleveland capped off with an uneventful spring training in 1995 with Cincinnati that was aborted. Donning a Reds uniform for a regular season game in '95 would've meant that Jack Morris was gonna play in the National League for the first time in his career.

Not to mention, Jack Morris (at least once) was an Opening Day pitcher for Detroit, Minnesota and Toronto. The only team he never officially was an Opening Day pitcher for, was the Cleveland Indians in 1994 where he had his last basic quality season (though his last real prime year was '92 with Toronto, '93 with Toronto was a poor and injury-plagued season).
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