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Originally Posted by JeremyB View Post
I really like Ichiro and want to say yes to this, but if I'm answering honestly, I don't think he has much of a chance. He doesn't leg out as many infield hits as he once did.
He doesn't leg out as many infield hits only because the .500 Yankees esp last year and awful Marlins this year insist on being dumb and using him as a sub and pinch hitter. His infield hit percentage the last three years is actually right on par w his career IFH%.

Ichiro led the Yankees in BA last year. He's third in average on Miami this year and that's despite pinch hitting usually, or coming in as a defensive sub.

The MLB average for pinch hitters is around .215 every year; it's a death sentence for hitters.

He should have eclipsed 500 steals and 3000 bases awhile ago.

3000 hits, .300 BA, 500 steals club:
Ty Cobb
Honus Wagner
Eddie Collins
Paul Molitor

(And that's it!!!)
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