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Originally Posted by JustinVerlander35 View Post
I don't write anymore. I pretty much gave it up. I was trash at it.

What the hell are you talking about, man?!? You were one of the best writers I knew, what the hell makes you think you were trash at it?!?!?

Man, I'm serious, get back into it. It doesn't matter with who, but you have to. Don't give it up. You'll be back.

If you want, I'd be really glad to have you aboard 101 Baseball. It's starting to generate thousands of unique visitors a day and a plentiful of comments. You'd be a great section to the site, and there's no quota or weekly requirements. You can write whenever you want!

I think you just got burned out from writing so much. 7/post a week, that's a ****load of work, dawg. Don't ever say you're trash at writing, tbh dude, you were one of my bigger inspirations to model my writing after. The way your words flowed when you wrote, that's what I looked for.

Again, I'd really love to have you aboard. Remember, no quotas or requirments. All you have to do is send me your email, I'll invite you as an author, and you'll be officially aboard the staff. You can write whenever you want! It'd be great, man!

let me know!

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