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A-Roid is a disgusting thing to baseball. for him to go in the room and rant on like that digusts me. He's the last person that should be disgusted, and if he is, he should be disgusted himself. He knows he cheated, we know he cheated, every single person knows he cheated. Nobody gives a flying **** if Bud Selig showed up to the conference or not you ****ing juicer! Man up, pay the price, and move on! Jesus, if he did that, people would have more respect for him. But for him to try to bend the rules and get around his suspensions, it's a slap in the face to the game of baseball. They should ban him for life, not just 100 games.

He got a longer suspension because he was already suspended previously for 50 games (figures, like somebody commented on one of my articles "once a cheater, always a cheater"

smdh at you A-roid

>inb4 Sharky defends him

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