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What about the Cardinals trading pitcher Steve Carlton to the Phillies for pitcher Rick Wise? Carlton was our number 2 man behind Gibson, and ace of the future. Rick Wise did end up winning close to 200 career games, and had that nice 2 HR no-hitter day for the Phils, but he didn't do much in St. Louis! To his defense, the Cardinals those two years were NOT that good. Carlton would win the NL Cy Young award and go 27-10 for the last place Phillies, and later pitch them to two World Series (1980, 1983) and they would win the first Series in franchise history in 1980.

Carlton also beat the crap out of his old team just about every time he pitched against us after that trade. And he was on the bench during the 1987 World Series (Twins didn't have him on the postseason roster, by then he really should have retired...), when the Twins beat his old team, the Cardinals, 4 games to 3. Lefty was one of the greats of his generation, and was briefly the all time strikeout king, after passing Nolan Ryan not long after Ryan passed Walter Johnson.

That was a far worse trade than MANY of them mentioned in that article.

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