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I had a blast playing in an adult league this past spring/summer for the Austin Dodgers, despite us going 2-17-1. It was my first time playing baseball in 21 years, since I last played in high school in 1992. I had played a couple seasons of softball on Army unit teams when not deployed, but that was it. At 37, I was up against many guys who were much younger and had played college or higher levels. Still, I did quite well for an old guy (thank the Army for keeping me in great shape all those years!).

I would say that my favorite experience at the plate was in a late season game vs the Cubs. I already had a 2 hit game against them early on in the season, but was just breaking out of an 0-10 slump after missing 4 games with an injury to my foot. I played 2B for a few innings, and had a great game there (my glove is still pretty darn good these days) but hadn't batted yet. Leading off the 8th inning (last, as we have a 2:45 time limit) and down 12 or so runs to the Cubs, I singled on a line drive to CF. A few batters later, and I was brought home with our first run of the inning.

The guys kept hitting! Next thing I know, I am up again with only 1 out! We were within 3 or 4 runs of tying the game at that point! This is the only time in my entire "career" of playing ball at any time in my life that I got a second AB in the same inning! We had a guy on first and third, 1 out. The pitcher (relieved the guy I had singled off of earlier that frame) was the guy I had slapped two hits off of earlier in the season, so the confidence was pretty high. A few pitches in the AB, I swung at one outside and lofted a high fly to LF. Luckily for me and my Dodgers' mates, the LFer was playing over by CF, the SS was at double play depth and close to the bag, and the 3Bman was in on the grass to prevent the run. The ball dropped in for my second hit of the inning between them (a good "Texas Leaguer" in the Heart of Texas!). My mate on 3B scored our final run of the inning.

For the game then, I was 2-2 with a R and RBI in just one inning at the dish! Unfortunately, the next two guys got out rather quickly, and we still lost despite the big comeback by 3 or 4 runs. Still, I have the ability to now say that I have had two hits in one inning! It's the little things that count sometimes...

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