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1987 isn't a good cutoff. The first half of that season saw an explosion in offense, but as you look at all those guys hitting HRs like crazy that year, it ws mostly in the first half of the season. The ball settled down in the second half. Then offense went pretty much back to "normal" for that era until the mid-1990s when the chemistry sets had truly taken over the game...

To really redefine the term "Modern Era" I guess I would agree with the beginning of expansion in 1961 or the LCS era starting in 1969. That way, integration hadn't just happened (it took some teams a very LONG time to get on board with integrating their rosters) and the NL was by FAR the stronger league for a couple decades after integration, due to AL teams being a bit slow to progress...

That said, I will go with 1969. Two divisions per league, integrated rosters (also really beginning to make use of the talent south of our national boarders), the Second Dead Ball Era was coming to a close (even though the 70s and 80s were still lower offense eras, with HUGE parks like the Astrodome and Busch Stadium), and most fans should still know somebody who was alive then... As if 1900 was back in the time of the dinosaurs...

Of course, the Divisonal Era/Wild Cars Era/Steroid Era whatever you want to call it, has been around for almost 20 years now. It may not be much longer before someone is whining to make that the new Modern Era! After all, we didn't have ipods, ipads, texting, DirectTV or whatever that guy in the article was whining about, back in 1993 before the Divisional Era...

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