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The deal is off

Originally Posted by Jay968 View Post
A year ago it seemed as though the Angels were willing to do anything to field a championship team. This year, it looks as though they regret spending the money at all. Too bad. I was almost ready to head for Vegas to place a bet on them winning in 2013 but to lose Santana, Haren, and possibly Hunter will be a bit much to swallow.

IF they can somehow sign Hamilton and/or Soriano, they've got a shot. But who knows if they DO want to spend any money this time around!
The offseason just started. Who knows what the Angels have planned. Give it some time. Getting rid of Santana was a good move. Haren hasn't been the same, and Hunter is getting up there in age. They're trying to re-sign Zack Greinke.

Signing Hamilton would be the biggest mistake. That would kill this team in the long run. You have to think about the future, not just the present.
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