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does anyone else like going to the minors over th majors

i was thinking. I have gone to allot of games this year for the louisville bats and in previous years a few Cincinnati reds games. I have to say i think i like going to see the bats more.

excluding the hour long drive to Cincinnati and price her is why i like it better

1 When going to the reds i have to park in Kentucky and walk on the bridge over the ohio its so congested. 2 its too crowded at the reds game. its much more relaxing in the bats game and not up tight. 3 The fans are much better to be around. My dad and i joke that its the only place a pitcher can give up 3 to 5 runs in an inning and people still clap for him when he leaves the field. there are no jackass fans screaming and yelling and cursing. 4 i like seeing the up and comers before they hit the majors and cheering for them before they become something. i remember watching fraiser and chapman even Voto play for the bats then it was wtching them on tv. louisville slugger field is a great ballpark too. not too big not too small.

anyone feel the same way?
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