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fun ball stories

I would be interested in reading about fun and sometimes not so fun stories that YOU have. You may of witnessed, or taken part in the story but I think its a nice forum to discuss. I think it would be kinda " different " to hear how regular people like you and I have played me THAT is history. Think about it and comment if you want... Just because we don't make a living playing baseball doesn't mean we don't live baseball. I have been playing for 41 years ( in one form or another ) Seen some good, some bad, AND some ugly.
Here's one to start ( in retrospect it's funny though at the time NOT SO MUCH )

Playing right field a linedrive was hit over my head toward the fence. As I'm running full tilt back for it I could hear " you got room,you got room, FENCE!" I turned to see where the fence was AS I HIT IT ! Knocked out one front tooth, cut a finger, and had a huge swollen knee.
As fate would have it I was the first batter, after watching 2 strikes land with my blurry eyes I swung at the next pitch ( to this day I swear I couldn't see the ball very good but I connected with an inside the park HR. The coach took me out of the game IMMEDIATELY Apparently I looked like heck,nostrils flaring, glossy eyes, panting like a marathon runner and still couldn't see a thing in focus.
For the record I had to have a fake tooth rebuilt and I try to be more careful near fences!
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