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I personally believe that steroid users should not be allowed into the Hall of Fame. It would not be fair to the players that never used performance enhancing drugs. Everyone in the Hall of Fame got there because of natural talent and hard work. Why should we start letting players in that were successful because of performance enhancing drugs now? The Hall of Fame has been around since the beginning of baseball. There is no reason to change the eligibility rules now. If players like Pete Rose are not allowed into the Hall of Fame, then steroid users should not be eligible either. I believe that steroids are contaminating Major League Baseball. Baseball is America's Pastime and America's Pastime should not have a bad image.

Players such as Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens should not be allowed into the Hall of Fame. Their stats suggest that they should be first ballot inductees, but I do not want steroid users in the Hall of Fame. I would much rather have a player who never used performance enhancing drugs inducted, even if his stats were not quite as good. By not letting players that used steroids into the Hall of Fame, other players will see that using steroids has no benefits and will not use them. This would be a good way of slowing down the use of steroids. Most players want to make it to the Hall of Fame, so they definitely will not use them if they know that using steroids will deny them an induction into the Hall of Fame.
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