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Mets Collins an impact manager

NEW YORK -- Davey Johnson is a pretty smart guy. Why else would his Orioles teammates refer to him as Dumb-Dumb? He demonstrated his intelligence as a manager, too; he would address his Mets teams only when their next game was to be started by Dwight Gooden.

"My meetings usually bring us a win," Johnson would say through a smirk.

How smart was Bob Gibson? The Cardinals' Bob Gibson, not the Bob Gibson who threw one inning for Johnson's 1987 Mets. Timmy McCarver recognized the genius of his Hall of Fame teammate.

"Bob always pitched when the other team didn't score," McCarver said.

Now we have Terry Collins, a bright man to be sure. A good manager, too, one who won't let his team fall even when it's moving down a road covered, curb to curb, with banana peels. Think how smart this guys is: He addressed -- no, scolded -- his team on Wednesday night after another dreadful loss, its third 9-3 defeat in 10 days.

Perfect timing.
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