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Braves Venters is a star in waiting for Braves

Jonny Venters of the Atlanta Braves is the best closer in baseball who isn't a closer.

Well, not yet.

As for now, Venters has a tendency to flash wide eyes whenever somebody suggests he is on the verge of becoming at least the game's Next Great Reliever. If you combine his humility with the fact that he officially is "just" a set-up guy these days, he gets lost in the massive shadows of closers such as Mariano Rivera and Brian Wilson.

You also can place Craig Kimbrel in that elite mix since he actually is the closer for the Braves. All Kimbrel has done this season is match the NL rookie record for most saves before the All-Star Break with 16, which means Venters is Robin to Kimbrel's Batman.

Or is Venters the Cape Crusader in double disguise?
Venters is a star in waiting for Braves | News
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