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Cubs The wreck at Wrigley is tough to watch

CHICAGO -- Darwin Barney hasn't been a Cub very long, but he's practically an elder statesman right now in a clubhouse in which the starting center fielder looks like a bat boy.

And Barney, an old-school type who was actually reading a real book in the pregame clubhouse as opposed to staring at an iPad, is already getting the hang of explaining why things always seem to go wrong for the Cubs.

"Baseball's kind of a gambling sport," he said. "It's like blackjack. You love it and you hate it."

I can hear the Cubs' marketing department now: The Cubs: We're just like blackjack! Love us or hate us, just give us your money! (This message is sponsored by the New Downtown Casino.)

"This game, you can hit a line drive right at somebody or you can hit a dribbler for a base hit, a game winner," Barney continued. "We're waiting for our hot run. Balls are going to start falling, and pitchers are going to start getting the outs they want to get. We're just waiting for it. We're trying to hang in there as well as we can, and hopefully when that happens, we can go."

Barney will have to wait another day for the Miracle at Clark and Addison.
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