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Originally Posted by JMobile View Post
I meant to use an extra A. Over here, we have discussions that the Padres are not a "Major League" team nor a "Triple A" team, but more a long the middle of the both which creates an extra A as the secluded team after Triple A and right before going into the Majors. It sounds funny, but we treat it that way so we can have our fun at it.

After we had no choice but to trade Adrian, we ended up with players like Orlando Hudson, Jason Bartlet, Jorge Cantu, Brad Hawpe, and the distilled Ludwick. You think that with these known names it should create some power in the line up.....but same ol Padres.

Yup, our pitching does carry the team, but last year in the end of the season the Pitching started to warn out.
Oh that is funny about the extra "A" I never would have thought of that one myself! At least none of you have lost your sense of humor Which is a very important thing not to lose!

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