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Originally Posted by makoG View Post
I was very happy to find this forum. Maybe you has right about the Netherlands Antilles team. The European group is my wishlist than a real chance, probably I will visit this event, and Canada is one of my favourite team. I think, South Africa has bigger chance to be there.

MODERNERABASEBALL.COM: Home of Joe Connor's ballpark guides guesses the following teams: Nicaragua, Colombia, Israel, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Britain, France, El Salvador, Honduras and the Czech Republic. Will see!

Until the first pitch of the qualifiers check this again:
World Baseball Classic: MediaPlayer
Glad to have you here makoG. I am looking forward to the WBCQ rounds next year. I find the most intriguing possibilities to be:

Brazil - They have several players in the U.S Minor leagues, Japanese Industrial Leagues and many other players with International experience. Their coaches have been trained by Cubans and MLB recently hosted a training camp for Brazil's Elite youngsters.

New Zealand - There has been some buzz about the Kiwis inclusion the upcoming qualifiers. A lot of their young players have been getting some attention from the U.S. Don't forget New Zealand is also a cricketing nation; which means they have the basic fielding, hand-eye coordination and throwing skills necessary to play baseball.

Germany - These guys are rapidly progressing and becoming a threat to the Dutch/Italian dominance of European baseball. They have a few players in the U.S. Minors that will probably be called to represent Deutschland.

Colombia/Nicaragua - After being snubbed in the first two editions of the WBC; how will they be supported by their fans? Both nations don't have many Major Leaguers (about five players between them), so most of their teams will be made up of minor leaguers and domestic winter leaguers.
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