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So, we automatically believe the old timers denials of steroid use, although those substances have been around since the 30's? The absolute fact here, is that we'll never know for sure. Why are we so quick to believe the old timers and not the guys of today? Some of those guys invented cheating in baseball from stealing signals, doctoring the baseball and using illegal bats....among others. Why believe them now? They've proved beyond a doubt that they cheated in one form or another. Heck, Gaylord Perry got in the HOF and was notorious for scuffing balls and otherwise using illegal pitches. But, he's in. Hell, they didn't even need a test to verify a cheating player. So, if they were proven to be cheaters at one point or another, what's to say they weren't using PED's too? The fact is, we don't know and we never will. A better question to me would be; What if a few HOF players came forward and admitted to the use of PED's? What then? Remove them from the Hall, start digging up bodies and launch another multi-million dollar investigation?

I think much of the hatred for modern players is based on most teams payrolls. Today's guys are making more in a year than most of the HOF players made in their entire careers. You don't think that puts a target on their backs? You don't think jealousy eats up the media guys making crappy salaries writing stories about these multi-millionaires? You bet it does. America has a strange fetish these days of roasting their sports heroes. How sad it's become.

As for PED users getting in the HOF, I say let them in. Hell, let Pete Rose in too. Stop all these investigations and silly stories because in all honestly, these are the things that are ruining this game that we love.
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