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Pujols, Uggla and A-Rod should get me a ton of RBI's and a very good amount of homers. If Beltran stays healthy it will be the same and Carlos Lee always has the potential to have a huge season. Derrek Lee is can be a big hitter as well. Jeter will do well in the hits department as well. Konerko is a big hitter as well.

Reyes will get me a lot of SB's which will lead to R's and if Sizemore stays healthy he can be an asset in the same department.

Russell Martin is said to be the Yank's #1 catcher should he be healthy as well.

Rios and Upton will get me a good amount of points and then on the bench. Pena, Bay and Uribe all do well. I think I will be alright.
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