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Your thoughts on the steroid era and HOF.

What are your thoughts on the players of this era and their association with steroids and how it affects their HOF eligibility?

I was watching this year's HOF announcements and was shocked to see that Rafael Palmeiro had just a few votes. This is a guy who had 3,000+ hits and 500+ HRs. My only conclusion was that he was being punished for being associated with steroids?

So now what? There were a TON of guys who put up great numbers in this era. How will voters decide who to vote in? Will they just go by their opinion and vote on whether they thought a specific player juiced or not? Maybe look at their career numbers and see if there was a dramatic change? How do the voters clean all this mess up because as stated before, there were a ton of players who put up amazing numbers in this era.
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