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How to Post an Article

To embed an article, follow these instrusctions.

First, find an article that you wish to put onto the forum.

I will use this one. Long autograph lines made Josh Hamilton a big star at Rangers Fan Fest | News

I will first choose to create a new thread and then put in my quote tags. To do this, either type in the tags manually which would look like this...

[QUOTE][/QUOTE*] (Without the asterik)

Or click the quote button shown below.

Once you have the tags in your post, go to your article and copy the text that you wish to embed onto the forum. Then paste the copied text between the quote tags in your post.

Once you have this complete, put the URL (Web Address) into your post and you are finished!

It should look something like this in the end.

Article in here.
Link to Source here.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM me or post in this thread.
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