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Conky, I know he didn't spend a lot of time with the Jays, but how could you not include Dave Stewart on your all-time rotation?


C- Andy Etchebarren (tough call over Rick Dempsey)
1B- Boog Powell, although Raffy Palmeiro had several good years in Baltimore
2B- one-time second baseman and former manager Davey Johnson
SS- Any doubt? Cal Ripken, enough said
3B- Nobody else really stands out except Brooks Robinson
OF- Frank Robinson
OF- despite the steroids, Brady Anderson, as he did have a bunch of good seasons in Baltimore
OF- even though I really didn't see them, Paul Blair
SP- Jim Palmer
SP- Mike Mussina
SP- Dave McNally
SP- Mike Cuellar
RP- Gregg Olson
RP- Tippy Martinez
Manager: No question, the Earl of Baltimore, Earl Weaver
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