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Originally Posted by JollyDodger View Post
I'm coaching for the first time, with rookie ball--using a pitching machine. Any pointers?
It just depends on your park rules. I loved using the pitching machine for 7-8. I umped it back in the late 80s. It produces hitters BUT, it takes away from the kids' pitching.
As far as the rules for the machine where I was, the coach could adjust it per hitter, he got to pitch three pitches, either you put the ball into play or you stuck out. If you fouled of the last pitch, you got another and on and on and on. If the batted ball hit the machine, the ball is dead, batter goes to first and no runners advace unless forced.
I feel that if the batter hits the machine with bases loaded, the runner at third shall be removed from the base and no run scores and no out is recorded, but it wasn't done that way.
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